Train - Lifting eBook and Template

Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential with TRAIN, a Science-Based Lifting Ebook and Template.

Hybrid - Hybrid Training eBook

Finally understand the science of combining lifting + endurance with Hybrid.

Zones Mini Guide

Learn everything there is to know about cardio zones, how to boost your aerobic endurance, rock RPE, when and why to do zone 2.

Fed & Fast - Nutrition Mini Guide

Are you ready to take running or endurance fuelling to the next level? Look no further than this fed & fast mini-cardio guide!


Let’s learn + Run together

I’ve broken down the science of how and why you should train, eat, and strength train to support your running goals – in other words, I’ve got you.


Supplements 101

Learn the science behind the most popular supplements and how to identify good supplements vs. bogus claims. Understand when and why you may take certain supplements, and when to save your money.

Menstrual Cycle & Performance

Learn and apply the science behind the menstrual cycle and exercise performance, adjusting nutrition and more to support yourself or your clients and their unique physiology.

Cardio Zones 101

Understanding the science behind cardio training, applying zones, progressing your cardio and more.

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