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Hey there! Have a question?! Someone may have had it before! Be sure to read the program descriptions and FAQ pages first! If you still have questions, send me a message here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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The TLM running programs have race from 5k-26.2 mile distances for beginners and intermediate runners as well as off season programs from 10-30 miles/week.


ENDURE is my 90+ page running based ebook that breaks down the science, nutrition and how to behind running.

Learn more about running programs here.

The Lyss Method App Subscription gives you access to all 4 of my lifting programs and all of my running programs in one place! You can join BEGIN, LITE, PRO or RACE and combine it with any of my race from 5k-26.2 mile distances for beginners and intermediate runners or off season programs from 10-30 miles/week.


Learn more about The Lyss Method and get started here.

To learn more about the science and how to combine lifting and running checkout my ebook HYBRID which explains this to you and helps you set up your training, understand hybrid training and how to fuel and recover to support it better!


No worries my friend, have you checkout TRAIN!? Train is my ebook that will help you understand the science behind lifting — helping you stick to the basics, and even learn to help program yourself! Within TRAIN you will understand adaptation to lifting, how many reps and sets you should be doing, how to set up your workouts and more. It includes the TRAIN lifting template which gives you a 2, 3 or 4 day lifting split to self program out your on training!

Learn more about TRAIN and get started here.

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