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All of us are runners, yes including you. It is the science behind how we train and fuel that makes us stronger on the road and the trails. It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness, a lifter turned hybird athlete, or a life long runner. From the back to the front of the pack — understanding and applying the science makes us better runners.


Are you are ready to move from confused to confident in your endurance training and understand how to transition to the trail – but you can’t find any good resources to support your goals? At TLM I’ve broken down the science of how and why you should train, eat, and strength train to support your running goals – in other words, I’ve got you.

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Good training programs are built around the science of how our bodies adapt, and your running program should be no different. By working with our bodies, not against them, we can finally get faster, run longer, or simply enjoy running even more. Dr. Alyssa Olenick holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and has spent the last 11 years studying exercise, sport science, metabolism, and nutrition. Within Endure, you’ll find all the guesswork has been removed and the science of running has been applied for you – so you can run stronger, with us. Sometimes all you need are the tools and the knowledge to help you get there.

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about running, all in one place! Endure includes 135 pages of education that will teach you the scientific application of running, sports nutrition, trail running, and racing. In this e-book, Dr. Alyssa Olenick talks you through the science behind endurance training and running, so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally run stronger, smarter, and with science in mind.


*Race programs sold separately in The Lyss Method app

  • 135 pages that break down all the science behind running – how adaptation works, running zones and how to improve your pace, build an aerobic base, train in hot and cold weather, trail running, gear, pre, during, and post-run nutrition, prepare for race day, and more!
  • Detailed information to help you understand the HOW and WHY behind what you are doing.
  • Designed to help make running both ENJOYABLE and less miserable with every step.
  • Learn the science of running and how to train smarter.
  • Cross the finish line of your first 5k to 50k.
  • Set a new race PR.
  • Train smarter, with fewer injuries and more fun along the way.

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