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I'm Dr. Alyssa Olenick

I hold a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. My research training and expertise are in exercise physiology, human metabolism, and female physiology in the context of sport, exercise, and metabolic health.


My masters and Ph.D. has resulted in multiple peer reviewed scientific publications in these areas. I am also currently continuing my training during a postdoc focused on menopause and human metabolism.


I also hold training, knowledge, and expertise in the areas of endurance, resistance and ‘hybrid’ style training, sports nutrition, human nutrition, and am a CrossFit level 1 trainer and a certified sport nutritionist. 



I am available to speak, for interviews, or media statements on any of the following topics or areas:


  • Exercise Physiology
    • Endurance Training
    • Resistance Training
    • ‘Hybrid’ or mixed lifting + endurance training
    • Cardio training for health and fitness


  • Female Physiology
    • Impacts of the menstrual cycle, birth control or menopause on exercise performance or metabolism.
    • Exercise or nutritional considerations for females.
    • Metabolic health in women across the lifespan.

  • Human Metabolism
    • Metabolism in response to what we eat.
    • Metabolism in response to exercise
    • Metabolism during exercise
    • Sport nutrition needs and considerations.
    • Fat metabolism
    • How exercise influences our metabolism
    • Exercise and metabolic health


Or any other topics that fall within these areas.

I do podcasts and media interviews on an ask-to-ask basis based on total reach and exposure of the potential publication/podcast episode. I also do these base on my availability, and do ~2-5 per quarter.


I am open to podcast interviews with a reach of at least 2-5k plays per episode or media publications for major networks with a large reach and SEO potential. For podcasts with a reach <2k/plays/episode, I will do these on an ask-by-ask basis if I am able to fit it into my schedule! 


For speaking engagements, guest speaking for your group, or conference speaking engagements my rate will change based on the deliverables and ask ranging from ~$500-$2000 and if applicable travel arrangements compensation. Please contact me with more details. 

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