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Women's Health

Cycle syncing your workouts could be detrimental, experts say

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Hot Topic: Cycle Syncing

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Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise: The Differences & How Often To Do Each


Is It Better to Do Cardio Before or After Weights?


What TikTok Gets Wrong About Cycle-Synced Workouts


What Your Period Really Means for Your Workout


5 Strength Training Myths for Trail Runners (and the Truth Behind Them)


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What’s Cycle Syncing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Training During Your Period

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Work Out on Your Period | Tips for Women’s Health Month


How a Strong Mind-Muscle Connection Can Take Your Workouts to the Next Level


Kim Kardashian Shared the Results of Her Full Body Scan, But What Even Is That?


How Long Does It Take to Lose Muscle?

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Does the Pill impact your muscle growth and strength?

Where optimal meets practical

Zone Training: Why is z2 all the rage right now and why you should give a sh*t

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Should you program your training around your menstrual cycle?

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Training and The Female Menstrual Cycle. You Can Train. Period.

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Exercise and Your Cycle. Facts and Frills.

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Starting a business to pay tuition

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Menstruation 101, Cycle Syncing, Individuality of Menstrual Cycles, and More

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WTF Is Happening & How You Can Improve it

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Running and your Menstrual Cycle

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Fittest Talks

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Demanding better for yourself

Where optimal meets practical

Concurrent (Hybrid) Training

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Why Your Diet is So Complicated

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Hybrid training and why you don’t have to choose between endurance and strength

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Conditioning for Lifters, Recovery and more

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How do you improve your fitness and nutrition?

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How to find the right diet for you

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Debunking Diet Myths

What the actual Fork?

Uncoupling Movement from Changing Your Body

Make Fitness Suck Less

Unlocking your potential

EMBody Radio

Metabolic Flexibility and Exercise

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Scientific Publications

National Library of Medicine

Caffeine influences cadence at lower but not higher intensity RPE-regulated cycling.

National Library of Medicine

Caffeine effects on velocity selection and physiological responses during RPE production.

National Library of Medicine

Assessment of endpoint criteria and perceived barriers during maximal cardiorespiratory fitness testing among pregnant women.

National Library of Medicine

Tabata style functional exercise increases resting and postprandial fat oxidation but does not reduce triglyceride concentrations.

National Library of Medicine

Acute exercise effects on postprandial fat oxidation: Meta-analysis and systematic review.

National Library of Medicine

High-fat meal increases peripheral blood mononuclear cell pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in African American women.

National Library of Medicine

Validity of the 6-Minute Walk Test and YMCA Submaximal Cycle Test During Midpregnancy

Nutr Health

Comparison of aspartame- and sugar-sweetened soft drinks on postprandial metabolism.

ClinMed International Library

The role of fitness status and sex on metabolic flexibility during a bout of high-intensity interval exercise and a high-fat meal challenge.


African American females are less metabolically flexible compared to Caucasian American females following a single high-fat meal.

National Library of Medicine

Training Status Impacts Metabolic Response to A High-Protein Weight Loss Diet in Recreationally Resistance-Trained Females.

CDN Science

Impact of aerobic fitness status, menstrual cycle phase, and oral contraceptive use on exercise substrate oxidation and metabolic flexibility in females.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

Assessment of metabolic response during high-intensity interval exercise and resting vascular and mitochondrial function in recreational CrossFit participants

Human Kinetics

“Invisible Sportswomen 2.0”—Digging Deeper Into Gender Bias in Sport and Exercise Science Research: Author Gender, Editorial Board Gender, and Research Quality.

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