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It’s not your fault. The internet is filled with poorly programmed workouts laced with fancy promises. 


Your body is far more capable than you are giving it credit for or even know. You just may not know how to train it. That’s why I created TRAIN, a science-based lifting ebook + lifting template. TRAIN will help you build smarter workouts, make progress, and for once, understand why you are doing what you are doing in the gym.


No more guessing what weight you use, how to make progress, or doing weird jumping workouts that leave you frustrated. TRAIN teaches you how to build real strength, muscle, and confidence in the fitness that you deserve.

train is for you if...

  • You are sick of doing random workouts, not feeling confident in the gym, and ready to take your lifting goals seriously.
  • You are ready to learn how to confidently create your own program, understand your program, and enjoy it.
  • Want help developing your own  2, 3, and 4 days a week lifting program.
  • You want an organized 120+ video exercise library demonstrating major lifting exercises.
  • You are not ready to commit to an entire program or coach but need guidance and structure.



The TRAIN ebook is designed for those who want to understand the science behind resistance training. This 90+ page guide will break down the science behind gaining muscle getting stronger, types of lifts, picking what weights to use, how to adjust if you are a novice, and more! The guide includes the TRAIN build your own workout template that will give you the structure to set up 2, 3, or 4 days a week lifts that let you pick the exercise and program for yourself in a smart, effective way. 



  • This 90+ page guide will break down the science behind muscle fibers, hypertrophy, training cycles, and picking what weights to use.
  • A build your own workout template to help you design your own 2, 3, or 4 days per week lifts (Template is an excel file not app access).
  • A video library with 200+ Exercise videos


  • Understand the basics of resistance training.
  • Learn how to approach your lifting in a more simple, less complicated way and get results from it.
  • Learn the basics of confidently building your own lifts.

Equipment required:  The TRAIN template can be used with barbell’s, machines or dumb-bells/kettle-bell’s and/or resistance bands or towers. Since the template is build it your self you can choose which exercise you do and the equipment needed that you have access too!  You will at the minimum need access to weights of any kind.

(The TRAIN lifting template is not a workout program where every lift is programmed for you. It gives you the structure and types of movements to do! You get to pick from a drop-down menu of exercises and program your reps and sets using the information in the guide!)

Looking for more then just training?


Combining lifting and running seems impossible. Most programs are only for lifters or only for runners, but what if you want to do both? HYBRID is the science-backed guide that teaches you how to combine lifting and endurance in a way that fits your week, life, and goals.

The Lyss Method

Lift heavier, run further, train smarter, and learn more. Crush your goals with The Lyss Method, a multi-level style of training designed to help you reach your goals!


A 16 week bodyweight to barbell beginner program. No prior lifting experience is needed. Begin is designed for those who want to build confidence under a barbell.


Barbell experience needed. Perfect to pair with running, climbing, yoga, etc. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve your overall fitness.


Barbell experience needed. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve overall fitness. Pro includes more volume than LITE for those with more serious strength goals.


An 18 week lifting program that parallels any race training plan. Adjusts volume along with your race peak and taper.

Running Program

Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about running, is included in the app! Endure includes the science application of running, sports nutrition, and racing

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