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I’m Dr. Alyssa Olenick, AKA “Doc Lyss.” I’m a multi-passionate big goal chaser who researches female health, metabolism, and exercise.

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I’ve combined my years of study and research in exercise science, my weightlifting experience, and my successful completion of ultra marathons in order to develop training programs that help you crush your biggest goals. Everything I do comes from my love of movement and the potential of the human body. Now, I use these programs to help other train har to live bigger lives.

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Do you have the desire to get fit and build muscle? Do you want to do that while sticking to – or incorporating – running or cardio into your routine? At The Lyss Method, we know you’re tired of programs that force you to choose between fitness inside the gym and outside of it, so we’ve created hybrid programs that will help you reach your goals without having to make sacrifices.

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Looking to learn more about cardio, running, lifting, metabolism, health, or fitness? You’ve come to the right place. Check out my ebooks on lifting, running, cardio, and nutrition, or search my blog to learn more about a particular topic to crush your training, health, or life!


Fitness and health often get painted as black and white, or have you bounding from one extreme to the next. The reality is, answers to most things lie in the middle. If you are sick of oversimplified answers; join Dr. Alyssa Olenick on the Messy Middle. Here we chat all things exercise, health and fitness, with all the science and plenty of nuance.


Looking to learn how to apply the science of lifting, running and cardio to your own training? Want to follow along with Doc Lyss’s training, and see how she walks the walk and talks the talk? Head on over to youtube and hit subscribe and play, and buckle in for so much helpful content you’ll be thinking ‘there is no way this is free’!


Looking for information on a topic, or Dr. Alyssa Olenick’s scientific publications? We know if you are here, you are a little nerdy or looking for science based answers and help. Read more from Doc Lyss on the blog, or her scientific publications.


Train - Lifting eBook and Template

Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential with TRAIN, a Science-Based Lifting Ebook and Template.

Hybrid - Hybrid Training eBook

Finally understand the science of combining lifting + endurance with Hybrid.

Zones Mini Guide

Learn everything there is to know about cardio zones, how to boost your aerobic endurance, rock RPE, when and why to do zone 2.

Fed & Fast - Nutrition Mini Guide

Are you ready to take running or endurance fuelling to the next level? Look no further than this fed & fast mini-cardio guide!

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Exercise Scientist, ultra runner, lifter, human.