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Our 1:1 coaching offers month to month individualized programming designed to help you get stronger, gain muscle and improve your fitness. With 1:1 programming, you can get specific about your goals and specialize in areas outside the scope of TLM, like Olympic lifting, powerlifting, highly specific hybrid training, and YOUR specific goals.

Led by head coach, Exercise Physiologist, and Athlete Alyssa Olenick, Ph.D. CISSN, the Lyss Method 1:1 Coaching is specifically for anyone with the goals of getting stronger, gaining muscle, and looking to improve their overall fitness and athleticism. You have big, bold, specific goals and are ready to commit to a program that plays the long game!

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You will get a brand new training program every 4-6 weeks that builds upon your previous block, that is 100% personalized to you and your goals. Your program will include proper deloads and rest days. We train with intention over here, and we place just as much focus on rest and recovery as we do hitting it hard in the gym.


With The Lyss Method, you will have access to your own training portal, which you can now access via The Lyss Method App on both iOS & Android. The Lyss Method App gives you the ability to take our team to the gym as your virtual coach(s) through exercise videos, workouts, and fitness training all in one app. You wanted more from a training program, and now you are getting it!

Running programs are included as part of your 1:1 coaching!



I’m a woman who does not mess around. As a multi-passionate big scary goal chaser, I lift, run, learn, teach, coach, and educate. Everything I do is rooted in a fascination with the incredible potential of the human body, which I fell in love with at an early age. Today, I help others demand better from their training and themselves. I am on a mission to help all women face their fears, chase big goals, and finally learn to celebrate what their bodies are capable of.

I have my Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, where I researched sex differences in metabolism and exercise. I am on a mission to show women that they are not fragile. I am passionate about non BS science-based nutrition and fitness and how the two integrate so that I can help women become their most badass and healthiest selves.


I strongly believe that open, honest education is the key to helping others find success in their health. If you’re ready for a no BS approach to exercise and nutrition, my programs are based on realistic, safe, and science-backed practices – and making fitness fun again! Just badass women, demanding better, and training with intention – that’s The Lyss Method. Are you in?

B.S. in Health Sciences

M.S. in Exercise Physiology

Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology


Alison is a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, a CrossFit Level 1 coach, and enjoys participating in multiple facets of fitness. She has an M.S. in exercise science and nutrition and is a current Ph.D. student in the same discipline.


Alison began her personal and professional interest in fitness by joining CrossFit. She quickly realized she loved learning and teaching fitness concepts and principles. This passion led her to obtain her CFL1 and B.S. in human performance and fitness, with an emphasis on strength and conditioning.


As part of her studies, Alison teaches social determinants of health at the college level. She has used this opportunity to coach with an empathetic understanding of varying circumstances and improve the health and fitness space.


When Alison isn’t studying or coaching, she enjoys connecting with friends and family, cooking and eating good food, and spending time in the sunshine (bonus points for all 3 at once). 

CrossFit Level 1

B.S. Human Performance and Fitness

Certified Exercise Physiologist

M.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition


Danielle, or Dani, is a Colorado native who now resides in the midwest. Being from Colorado, the outdoors and being active have always been a large part of her life, which played a significant role in her decision to pursue a career in fitness and health. 


Dani is an American College of Sports Medicine Certifed Exercise Physiologist. During her undergraduate coursework, Dani developed her clinical exercise physiology skills while working with cancer survivors. In her Master’s program, she expanded her knowledge working with youth athletes, professional athletes, and tactical/military athletes at EXOS Sports Performace. Dani currently works as a clinical research coordinator, overseeing research aiming to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise in adolescence and young adult cancer survivors. Additionally, she works as a co-coach of Lyss Method Fitness and coaches virtually. 


Just as Lyss does, Dani shares a passion for endurance and lifting. Dani enjoys powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running, and cycling. She begrudgingly swims as it is required when she decides she wants to compete in triathlons.  She loves spending time with her pups and will never turn down a good bagel.

– M.S. Exercise Physiology 

– B.S. Sports and Exercise Science 



– EXOS Sports Performance Specialist


Trevor is a Tennessee native who picked up an obsession with training as a high-school athlete and never looked back. From a BS in Applied Exercise Science, to a MS in Exercise Physiology and a PhD in progress, he has accumulated years worth of knowledge about health, fitness, and training. Beyond the classroom, Trevor has turned this knowledge into first-hand experience by running head-first into any realm of fitness he can find- from powerlifting and CrossFit, to trail running and rock climbing.


Trevor is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and began coaching a wide range of populations while completing his undergraduate degree, ranging from those just wanting to stay fit enough to spend time with their grandchildren to high-school and adult athletes and military service members. His graduate research has focused on physical activity, fitness, and body composition as it relates to cardiometabolic health in children with cerebral palsy. Together, this experience throughout the fitness spectrum has provided him with the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you reach your fitness goals- whatever they may be. Whether you’re trying to simply figure out a way to incorporate exercise into your life, or looking to push the boundaries of what you believe yourself to be capable of, Trevor can help you do that

– B.S Applied Exercise Science 
– PhD(c.) Exercise Physiology 



Noah is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine and a Level 1 Olympic Weighting Coach.


He has competed in Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and triathlons. He has his B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Georgia. It was at UGA where Noah met and started coaching Alyssa herself.


As a child, he was bullied for being unfit, so he developed an appreciation for the pursuit of fitness and health at an early age. His passion for coaching is tied to both his desire to share with others that which he loves and his desire to help those in the ways he had little help.


Noah has coached people through professional and D1 athletics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, Triathlons, ultramarathons, and many other endeavors.


His favorite part about coaching is the never-ending organic puzzle that his client’s goals present. In addition to coaching, Noah is the Manager and Head Trainer at Core Blend Training where he is the coaches’ Coach.


He is a nerd who likes reading about anything and everything. When he isn’t working, Noah’s two favorite social hobbies are exercise (surprise surprise) and watching movies. He is a huge movie buff who wants to open his own private movie theater one day.

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach

B.S. Exercise and Sport Science


I have always loved exercise. My parents were both fitness-minded growing up so not LOVING to exercise was foreign to me until I became a trainer and started working with others. Now, I realize how lucky I was that I stumbled into the things I liked in exercise right away and was able to form habits at a young age. Not everyone finds it the way I did, but that’s why I’m here. My name is Corey Davis and I’m going to make sure that I help guide you from exercising because it’s good for you to exercising because of how much you enjoy it.


I like to take a well-rounded approach to fitness. I want my clients to be equipped for anything that life throws at them, plus it helps me to figure out what they really like. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still do the work that needs to be done for you to be at your best, but I’ll slip it in there without you noticing (most of the time). My favorite type of clients to work with are people with broad goals or difficult constraints. Give me the client that wants to do their first chin-up and let me help them to do 5. Give me the client that wants to reduce back pain and let me help them deadlift twice their bodyweight. 


I have an undergrad degree in Physical Health Education, a Masters in Kinesiology, and a lot of certifications related to speed, power, strength and fitness. I’ve worked with Olympic athletes and people that have never been in the gym before. I’ve been doing this for over a decade and am ready for anything you’re going to throw at me. Whatever has held you back from working out, whatever you think makes it hard for you to get results, I’ve seen it and beaten it with someone before. I’m thrilled to help my friend Alyssa’s clients get great results. I will not let you down. Click the button below and let’s get started working together.

B.S. in Physical Health Education

M.S. in Kinesiology


My name is Morgan Davis and I am the co-owner of Core Blend Training with my husband Corey. Although I played sports in middle school and high school, I stopped working out in college. I wanted to get back into working out after college, but I really didn’t know where to start. I was intimidated to go back into a weight room and nothing popular really seemed to fit me. I wanted to lift weights and do cardio, but didn’t know how to do both. I got lucky and found a gym that fit exactly what I wanted. They encouraged me to deadlift, bench press, and use the rowing machines, all in the same workout.

Now I own that gym, have a 2.5 bodyweight deadlift and am the American record holder in two different rowing events. I am passionate about helping women find their strength and the confidence they need to use it. I love to help women see all that they can be. You CAN have it all in fitness. You can be strong, fit, and ready for everything life throws at you. As a small business owner, a mom and an athlete, I understand that schedules can be hard, but if you’re willing to put in the work, I will work with you tirelessly to help you succeed.

– Westside barbell Powerlifting Coach

– Precision Nutrition Health Coach


Fitness has always been involved in my life. I played sports year round growing up and have been working out since middle school. However, once I got to college, I had no direction and no guidance on what to do for my fitness. I would do old football workouts or whatever workout I could do on social media.


Once I step foot into Core Blend I knew I wanted to work here, this place has made me the best version of myself. I’ve accomplished things i never thought were possible for me. I deadlifted an all time PR for 8 reps while running a half marathon. I finally lost the weight I’ve been wanting to lose my entire life. I became a Personal Trainer who LOVES helping people & teaching them how to push theirselves.


Now that I have graduated from UGA with a B.S in Exercise and Sport Science, I am now full time for Core Blend and The Lyss Method. I have worked with all sorts of people and situations and schedules. Whether you want to run your first mile, or run your first hundred, I’m ready to take you there.

– B.S. in Exercise Sport Science 

What you get with all programs:

Membership to The Lyss Method App 

(iOS and Android)

Demo videos for all exercises + the ability to swap exercise

Client-only Exclusive resource library

A brand-new workout plan every 4-5 weeks

Access to our cardio program library

Lifting video feedback

A group community

1:1 Messaging

Access to all running programs (5k-50k) & Cardio plans (*No extra charge)

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