TRAIL (formerly ULTRA) is a 60-page guide that breaks down trail and ultra running. For those looking to learn more about trail running, how to start, staying safe, gear, terrain training, and more. TRAIL will get you on trial for the first time or running your first ultra-marathon. You do not have to race or run an ultra to use TRAIL. All information is general trail running and beginner trail running friendly. You can combine any The Lyss Method Running Program for 5k-50k with TRAIL if you desire. TRAIL builds on Endure and The Lyss Method Running Programs but can also stand alone.


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*Race programs sold separately in The Lyss Method app


  1. 60+ pages breaking down everything you need to know about trail and ultra running!
  2. Detailed information to help you understand the HOW and WHY behind what you are doing.
  3. Designed to help make trail running enjoyable and less miserable with every step.


  1. Learn how to confidently trail run.
  2. Understand gear, when to hike vs run, how to train and fuel for TRAIL’s smarter!
  3. Understand how to find trails, stay safe and enjoy taking your runs to the great outdoors!

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