YouTube: Why running in the heat is so hard & how to make it easier.

Summer is here which may mean hot and humid runs for most of you! This video/podcast with Doc Lyss covers why it’s hard to run in the heat/humidity, what’s happening physiologically to the body, and tips for making your runs easier or more manageable!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction
0:59 – What’s happening in your body?
2:15 – You’re losing sweat too!
2:50 – Blood plasma loss
4:30 – Heat/humidity mask fitness
5:00 – Arm sleeves
5:30 – Cooling towel or wipe sweat
5:50 – Use a bandana or wet your hat
7:20 – Slow down your pace
7:45 – Use RPE or the Talk Test
8:35 – Slow down/walk breaks
9:20 – Bring more water/hydrate more/electrolytes
11:55 – Run during cooler times of day
12:20 – 2 week adaptation
14:50 – “Fast Fall”
15:40 – Don’t beat yourself up!
16:50 – Wrap up

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