YouTube: Why exercise at altitude sucks and how to train for it if you live at sea level.

Do you live a sea level, but have an adventure or hike planned somewhere at altitude? Want to make things a bit easier while you’re there? Here are some tips to get you ready to go! 🤘

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – How does altitude affect your training?
2:40 – Visual graph
3:25 – How to improve at altitude
3:40 – Improve cardiovascular fitness
6:40 – How long true acclimatization takes
7:30 – It’s going to feel hard and that’s okay
7:45 – HYDRATE and electrolytes
9:00 – Monitor alcohol intake
9:35 – Focus on sleep
10:40 – Carbohydrate intake
12:38 – Slow down your pace
14:15 – Start early
14:45 – It’s okay to stop/turn around
16:45 – Wrap up/recap

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