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YouTube: SHORTS WITH DOC LYSS: Runner GI Issues “The Drop”

If you’ve ever found your self only part way into a long run or run in general & feel “the drop”, here are a few things to consider/do.

While some cases of 💦/ 💩 your self on your runs may be due to pelvic floor issues which is not my niche — A LOT has to do with your nutrition.

If carbs digest too quickly on our run they will rapidly go to our lower GI + possibly ferment = gas/pain. Or rapidly/quickly making a run to the toilet.

We can help reduce this a few ways:

1️⃣ Reducing fiber pre run or the day before a big race. Fiber IS important. But we likely do not need it right before we hit the road! Save it for after your workout or your other meals.

2️⃣ Stick to protein + lower fiber carbs/easily digestible carbs. And minimal fats pre run.

3️⃣ Stick to mostly carbs NOT fats during your long runs and maybe low amounts of protein/fats during ultra distance events! Fats slow our digestion and carb uptake. We don’t want that during endurance events vs. main meals.

4️⃣ Train your gut. Don’t just go from 0 grams of carbs/hour to 60-90. Work up to it! Most runners get more GI distress because of the movement shaking up their stomach. Start with 10-15 grams every 30 min and add from there. PRACTICE THIS ON TRAINING RUNS!

5️⃣ Aim for mixed carb source sports nutrition products (a mix of fructose and glucose). As well as keeping liquid solutions to 6-8% carbohydrate. This will help with digestion and tolerance.

6️⃣ Practice with whole foods vs gels vs drinks vs sports chews. Find what works for you. I race ultras on a lot of liquids because my stomach gets sensitive. Regis loves bars. You have to find what works for you.

7️⃣ Running decreases the blood flow from our GI to our muscles. So we don’t want to ask it to digest more than it can. Space out your intake across each hour vs all at once. Checkout my free running nutrition calculator for more!

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