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YouTube: SHORTS WITH DOC LYSS – My Favorite Movements for Building a Strong Core

Looking to improve core strength? Here are 3 of my favorite movements.

◇ Front Rack Carries
◇ Dead Bugs
◇ Core Marches

These are all GREAT to add into your training routine as ways to practice “stacking your ribs + hips” or keeping a “tight core” that can help you translate the same thing into your lifting.

The front rack position loads the front side of your body forcing you to keep your chest upright to hold the weights. Start with marches and move to carries with time.

Dead bugs are also one of my favorite moves of all time. Make sure to drive your lower back into the ground. If these feel “too easy” you aren’t doing them right. 😉

Really be intentional and use effort with all of these!

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