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YouTube: SHORTS WITH DOC LYSS: Building an Aerobic Base

When we talk about “building an aerobic base” what this simply means is having the basic aerobic or cardiovascular capacity for either 1) health or 2) accomplish the physical goals we have!

When we talk about this we mean doing activity that specifically develops our underlying body systems like more blood vessels & more mitochondria in our muscles! So we can deliver and use the oxygen in our blood more!.

Assuming you have no current aerobic base — you want to start by hitting the basic physical activity guidelines of 150 min of moderate cardiovascular activity a week. Start building up to this slowly with sustainable cardio.⁣

After this you can increase duration, intensity or both!⁣

For fitness specific goals — we often over look aerobic training for high + hard intensity everything. Intense isn’t bad & plays a important role. But we want to spend sets amount of time or our weekly training in lower intensities. ⁣

Spending an 8-16 week cycle doing low zone higher volume cardio or keeping 80% of your weekly minutes here is what helps us do this.⁣

If just starting out maybe you simply do all your cardio “slow and low”. Develop this capacity. THEN you refine + build these systems to go harder/faster.⁣

But we have to walk before we run…. maybe literally. 🤘🏻😂⁣

Lastly — if you want to get better at cardio my friends you have to well, do more cardio!

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