YouTube: ROAD TO 200/400 Recap: Setbacks, PRs, and Everything in Between

PHEW – what a wild ride it has been! I set a big strength goal in the Fall of last year to bench press 200# and deadlift 400# (again). Everything was on track and I was feeling strong until an injury threw a wrench into my training plan and then from there, life happened while I finished my Ph.D., traveled to Iceland, and moved across the country.

While my road to 200/400 didn’t go as planned, I am still really happy with the end result. I learned an incredible amount along the way, was forced to get creative, pivot, and adapt and I still showed up the best I could despite setbacks and injuries.

I hope you all enjoy my training journey recap and can take away some things from me actually “failing” to reach my goal because the process and all the things that happened between allowed me to progress in things I am not good at and showed me that I am can still be proud even if that end result looks different.

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