YouTube: Returning to Running After Injury: My Recovery & Mindset Approach

In this sit down video/podcast, Doc Lyss talks in depth about her injuries over the last few months and how she navigated returning to training and running, signing up for a 50 miler, moving through life hecticness and everything in between.

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⏰ Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Rate, Review & Subscribe
1:13 – Injury Explanation/What Happened
5:40 – Importance of Starting Slow
6:50 – Shifting Cardio Modalities
9:07 – Summer Walk/Run Plan
11:15 – Second Injury in Colorado
13:05 – Life Stress
16:01 – Intentional Strength Training
18:04 – We Always Something to Work On
19:50 – Pain vs Soreness vs Injury
22:10 – Back to Running Tiered Approach
27:20 – Prioritizing Vert Training
29:15 – What is Our Why & Showing Up
34:00 – Keep Going
36:50 – The Comeback
38:00 – Have People in Your Corner
39:12 – Wrap Up

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