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I am teaming up again this year with Claire Zai to support the #LoadWomen Fundraiser! Here is a word from Claire about this fundraiser that is happening the entire month of April!

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Hi – My name is Claire Zai. I am the main organizer for the LOADWOMEN event that happens throughout the month of April. LOADWOMEN is a deadlifting event and fundraiser encouraging young women to get involved in and remain engaged in resistance training. We build a community all over the world to raise awareness about the inequities in sport. LOADWOMEN was born from an incident when the NCAA didn’t supply women in the March Madness tournament access to resistance training equipment while the men had access to a full weight room during the event. These inequities in sport are not evident only in basketball, but they are worldwide in sport and LOADWOMEN is aiming to not only raise awareness around the issue but start to make a difference in the lives of women who engage in sport. The process of LOADWOMEN is to have individuals (women and men) deadlift heavy attempts and either pledge against those lifts or donate a flat rate against their deadlift. The goal is to improve the sense of community within strength sports and raise money to support women. Last year we were able to raise over $13,000 and we are looking to double this incredible achievement in 2022. Last year we donated all of the money from the event to the Perry Initiative and the Women’s Sports Foundation. The Perry Initiative supports women in science, and getting more women involved in science, especially sports science, will help our community support women and the unique challenges they face in sports. The Women’s Sports Foundation specifically works to keep young women engaged in sports when they are most likely to drop out. Both of these organizations aim to create lifelong learners and athletes who will continue to give back to their communities.

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