YouTube: How to get your first pull-up.

Are you excited and ready to get your first pull-up?! This video breaks down various progressions, drills, exercises, and rep range recommendations to help YOU get your first pull-up!

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – Let’s talk about the pull-up
1:20 – Frequency for progress
2:15 – You need your core!
2:35 – Hollow rocks/holds
3:40 – Back and lat strength
5:20 – Dead hangs
5:40 – Scap pulls
7:03 – Bar hollow hold
8:00 – Negatives
9:20 – Pauses
10:50 – Mid rep pauses
11:20 – Barbell pull-ups
13:05 – Inverted barbell row
14:50 – Banded pull-ups
17:00 – Training for volume
18:00 – Accessory movements

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