YouTube: Here is everything I packed to run an ultra marathon.

Curious what I packed for food and gear to run a 50 mile race? In this video, I share with you just that! I also cover my fueling strategy (target calorie breakdown), crew/aid station plan and and how I organized everything for race day.

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⏰ Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction
00:26 – Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50 Miler
00:42 – Prep Spreadsheet/Chart for Planning
2:26 – Target Calories Breakdown
4:50 – Sorting, Packing, and Labeling Food/Snacks
7:38 – Snacks Approach – Layering
9:03 – Extra Snack Basket
10:27 – Tailwind and Hydration
11:40 – Aid Station Food/Drink List
12:45 – Gear and Clothing
15:05 – Not a Time for Experimenting
15:30 – Trekking Pole Plan
16:30 – Miscellaneous Gear
18:20 – Race Strategy Summary

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