YouTube: 50k Race Week – Lifting + Running

Come with me for another full week of hybrid training leading up to a 50k which I am using as a training run for my 100 miler race prep! This week involves intentional lower intensity and giving my body some time to recover (after a hard week of training) before I get on trail & race over the weekend.⚡️

🎥 Week of Hybrid Training #1 –
🎥 Week of Hybrid Training #2 –
🎥 Best Running Sports Bras –

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction/50k
2:00 – Kona spotlight
2:20 – Why the lower volume
3:25 – Modifying the week for 50k
6:18 – Easy zone 2 run (post lift)
6:49 – Day 2 (short run) and day 3 (lift)
10:08 – Packing for my 50k
14:23 – Wrap up (and shake out run)

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