You’re Only As Good As Your Worst Interval

You’re only as good as your worst interval.

Now hear me out — this is not me saying if you struggle with this or are new to it your workouts are totally useless. But to challenge you to let go of the intensity narratives you’ve been sold.

High intensity training is going to be hard no matter what. No need to make it harder. And you can think of this much like lifting— we need enough stress to elicit change but going to failure isn’t necessary. 

Because remember — extra stress without any more adaptations means fatiguing your self or requiring more recovery for no added benefit.

You high intensity training is going to be hard no matter what. So why not make it more purposeful? 

Even in my running programs with speed work I tell people not to go to their true max effort possible during intervals. But right below. Where it’s sustainable for the duration or distance AND repeatable.

While some fatigue will happen we want to find consistency unless the workout is to increase or lower intensity or pace between rounds or intervals.

And an alternative message for those who don’t have this issue and hold themselves back — to to failure for a round and see how you feel. Then do 80-90% of that effort for the rest and build from there. Sandbagging workouts don’t work the same either 🫣😅😂

Now go crush your HIIT… real HIIT hopefully 💪🏻💪🏻

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