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Your Cardio Still Counts

Your cardio still counts, regardless of what you eat after. No, I’m not promoting people to “go over eat”. But exercise adaptations still exist, all people can benefit from them & cardio is more than a fat loss tool or fear (depending on the narrative that week).

Yes “calories in calories out America is fat blah blah blah”. Not the point. Not how we encourage positive behaviors. Not how we bring people to these spaces to feel welcome to start training — a powerful catalyst for health changes and maybe positive nutrition adjustments along the way too.

If you’re doing 2 Hours or cardio or any cardio in a well structured and intentional way — you’re killing it. And if you’re doing 120 min of freaking endurance training probably need a decent sized meal after anyways.

Mass re-shares of Crap hot take tweet posts by mediocre men in this space ruin everything. There are people out there offering you way more. Consume that. Share that. Goodnight!

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