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Women Specific Messaging

“Everyone is targeted with the BS”

“Of course you research women that’s what every woman does”

“This incomplete data is enough to draw conclusions from”

“This work probably doesn’t matter”

“Don’t only target women it’s bad for marketing”

The list goes on and on of random one of little issims I hear all the time — which I mainly brush off. But make me enraged for women or those who experience estrogen/female sex hormone changes across the lifespan.

There are ABSOLUTELY issues that impact men and women. And honestly very unique issues that impact transitioning individuals health.

But the push for more conversation for and about women, paralleled with the push to close research gaps isn’t just a girl power, girl boss, flex. Women are dying from these things.

That sounds morbid… but the unique gaps and statistics pertaining to women’s metabolic health is real — valid — and scary for so many women / uterus owners across their lifespan.

These real health gaps matched constant predatory and shame filled information is a recipe for the state we’re in now.

I research women’s metabolic health because it’s the backbone of so much. It spans to our metabolism, heart, muscle, physical capacity, longevity & quality of life.

We don’t talk about or research or push for spaces on women’s health because we’re winey little girl bosses. We do it because it freaking matters.

& this trickles all the way down to sport where energy states and training and health are all impacting this in young girl, women and adults.

Mens health matters too. Men face their own challenges in health and within the fitness industry. Mental health in men is a major and honorable concern.

But we don’t just talk to and about women for the sake of it. We do it because they feel lost, confused, ignored, brushed under or dismissed. So instead they get told they’re fragile and broken and “it sucks deal with it”. Women are frustrated and I hear it daily. I get it. I’m with you.

This is why we have women specific messages. Not because it’s bad marketing or a cliche. Because it freaking matters.


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