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What Taylor Swift & Your Fitness Have in Common

I used to hate Taylor Swift. I’m not sure why. Some weird narrative I had about her in my head. But then a few years ago I found myself looking for absolutely any serotonin doing data analysis, saw my friend was listening to her lover album on Spotify….

And we’ll…. Long story short I think I listened to fokelore on repeat finishing my dissertation.

Now don’t get me wrong — im not a major swifty. I don’t know the Easter eggs or stories or fandom. I just enjoy her music in a passive mindless way and understand why people say she’s as good at her craft as they do.

But when Taylor swift does anything you get two groups of people. The people saying how stupid and overrated and trash talking it. And those who LOVE IT, get it, can’t get enough.

And this reminded me of exercise. How the people who get it GET IT. They love it. They have fandoms and groups and whole networks based on this. They know all the lyrics (movements) and Melodie’s (techniques) and albums (modes and structure). They can recite it at any moment. Their bodies love it. They GET IT.

And the people that don’t “get it” — or at least yet 😉— they think we’re all annoying and crazy (okay… so maybe we are). They think it’s overrated. They weirdly identify with hating the thing we love.

And sometimes they project that onto us. Or let us know. Or don’t understand why we do or love what we do.

But that’s okay.

Because just like people can hate on Taylor swift — she still gets plays and downloads and makes that $$ regardless — they can hate on exercise too. But when you do it it doesn’t matter — you STILL benefit from it. Just as much as you “benefit” from streaming midnights for the 1729 time.

If Exercise is Taylor swift — your body is the biggest swifty of all time. It knows the lyrics to every song. Ever name. Every order. It lives for the rhythm, the course, the crescendo.

People don’t have to like Taylor swift for you to enjoy her.

And people don’t have to understand why you do what you do within your fitness for you to benefit.

And the best news of all …. You can listen to t-swift while doing it.

But if you know the magic of what you love — keep going, even if people hate on it. 💪🏻✌🏻

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