What shoes should I wear?

First let me start by saying you do NOT need to go out and buy 6 pairs of shoes after reading this. You don’t need fancy or perfect to even get started. This is simply sharing suggestions for shoes to consider based on specific modes of fitness!⁣

🏋🏼‍♀️ LIFTING⁣
– For this we want to look for a shoe with a flatter + harder sole. While you won’t die if you lift in running shoes, the soft foam base makes it harder to utilize your feet during your lifts to “grip the floor” (yes, it’s a thing). We want something solid to be able to drive force through/up from. ⁣
– This doesn’t need to be fancy, converse or vans have been the staple of many a lifters. ⁣
– Those who engage in power lifting or Olympic lifting may consider lifters which have a slight hard but elevated heel to help with depth/power in those moves.⁣
– You can lift barefoot or in socks as well if your gym allows. ⁣

– For crossfit or similar style classes it may feel like you need 3 pairs of shoes. One for lifting one for running one for WOD’s that have both.⁣

– A simple trainer & thinner running shoe is an easy go to for a wide variety of workouts. BUT if you only get one thinner sole 0 drop running shoes would be a perfect choice! For this I like altras escalantes! Or you can run in trainers like I have here (Nike metcon)⁣.


– Here we want our softer base running specific shoe to help absorbed/bounce our force. People tend to over think this — find what’s comfortable and fits your foot. Go get sized & try them on.

– Similar rules apply to running shoes. Here we just want something with a grippier base to help keep us safe/on rocks, mud, wet or rocky terrain. They also are sturdier/won’t fall apart as much as road shoes on trail. ⁣
– BUTTT yes you can start trail running with road shoes. Especially if you’re just doing flatter, not super technical local trails. This more so is important if we’re talking more rocks/roots/grip needed terrain.⁣
– I like altra lone peaks but find what works for YOU!⁣

Get 1 solid pair of flat soled trainers if you do cross training and lifting.

You can start train running/run flatter trails in road shoes to start.

You can squat and deadlift in socks (if your gyms allows!)

⁣WITH THAT ALL BEING SAID — work with what you have. Don’t let shoes be a barrier to your fitness. 🤟🏻

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