What is the “perfect” macro split?

STOP ASKING WHAT THE PERFECT MACRO SPLIT IS. Now I’m not saying this is your fault. Most of you are coming from my my fitness pal which makes you plug in %’s instead of numbers.⁣

There’s isn’t NO reason behind this. General dietary guidelines do give us ranges of % intake for our major macros (protein, carbs & fat). ⁣

BUT asking for a blanketed % breakdown that is “best” ignores a whole bunch of factors that go into figuring out your personal needs.⁣

1️⃣ Total energy intake (calories) will alter these %’s. Especially if you keep protein roughly the same or slightly increase/decrease if eating in a deficit or surplus. Meaning the same % protein could leave you under or over consuming depending on your total needs.⁣

2️⃣ While protein range could be described as ~10-25% depending on the source. Overall it’s easier to start with pegging down your needs based on body size + activity levels (I have multiple posts on this!).⁣

3️⃣Then from there figuring out your carb needs based on activity levels. ~2-5x KG/BW/day for most active people with my very highly active friends possibly landing in that 6-8+ range!⁣

4️⃣ From there fats can easily fill in the rest. But it’s important to note that you an adjust this vs carb intake while keeping protein controlled for similar fat loss goals. But if you have more specific athletic goals, may have to maintain a higher carb intake to match performance. But you can play around with this based on preference AND needs!⁣

As you can see from my examples these could look super different in two people or even the same person doing different things. Not to mention someone for sure going to be like WHAT ABOUT KETO. Which does require a different macro split if you choose to do this (I also have a post on this).⁣

But for most of us there isn’t a perfect % split. Were better off figuring out OUR needs and letting the % we plug in follow that, than fitting into a box!⁣

& if you need help calculating your own macros I have a free calculator in my bio link that walks you through all these steps for you!

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