What is hybrid training?


When I talk about hybrid training everyone gets confused. Half because it doesn’t make sense in context of traditional fitness talk. Half because even more than most things in fitness the answer is “IT DEPENDS”.⁣

So let’s clear things up!⁣

1️⃣ Being a runner who adds in some lifting to support your running goals isnt “hybrid” fitness. It’s called being an athlete! And is a smart thing to do!⁣

2️⃣ Being a lifter who does some cardio or conditioning to build up an aerobic base or just not die of heart disease isn’t hybrid training. It’s called not being a potato! 😂⁣

HYBRID training is the act of trying to maximize more than one isolated mode of fitness together, at the same time or across a period of time. ⁣

But it’s a spectrum!⁣

So if you’re confused and yelling “but what if I just want to workout for normal health & fitness!?” 👉🏻 GREAT! Do both lifting & some cardio where you enjoy it on this spectrum. Both contribute to your health. Aim for 2-3 full body or evenly distributed lifts a week and 2-4 sessions of cardio ranging from walking to HIIT. Don’t worry too much about the details.⁣

But if you’re a weak runner who needs to build strength at some point you’ll spend time closer to the middle.⁣

Similarly if you’re a lifter who’s conditioning is holding you back you’re going to have to move a little to the center as well.⁣

And if your goal is to MAXIMIZE BOTH. As in maximizing VO2 max/anaerobic threshold along with maximal strength you’ll never go too far to the right or left. But oscillate around the center. Spending set periods of time building up one while maintaining the other. Or if you’re super novice can do both together. ⁣

These are all different goals.⁣
They can all include both.⁣
They all look different.⁣

It’s not the modes it’s the VOLUMES.⁣

A power lifter who likes to jog or hike 1-2x/week won’t miss PR’s over it.⁣

& most data on runners shows lifting actually enhances your performance. + gaining enough muscle to hinder you would take a lot of effort & time you may not even have.⁣

And if you want to do BOTH well, together. It’s VERY hard, but possible !⁣

Where do you fall?!👇🏻

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