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What is glute activation?

“GLUTE ACTIVATION” // how do you “turn on” your “sleepy glutes”. You know, the ones from sitting all day! The ones that are the reason you’re getting injured running or can’t make booty gains!!!⁣

*record scratch* your glutes ARE already activated. If you’re an able bodied individual who stands, sits, moves, etc. Thank your glutes! ⁣

NOW I know this is an annoying response that dismisses your concerts blah blah blah. And I KNOWWW you *FEEL IT* and ‘bands will make her dance’. So let’s explain what actually going on!⁣

FIRST— your glutes like all muscles have a neuromuscular junction. This means they fire. Point blank. But the amount of muscle fibers we recruit is largely dictated by the intensity of what we’re doing. 1RM or sprinting recruits more fibers than walking or banded kickbacks. It just does.⁣

So then why does banded shit LITE UP YA CHEEKS? It’s just adding tension. You’re thinking about it for once instead of half ass-ing (HA, get it?) your leg day super setting with texts and light weight. Or you’re just new and still learning your body & how it moves — you get a pass for this one 🤍👍🏻⁣

Mind muscle connection IS A THING. In fact there is a little bit of data that shows it does lead to possibly more gains in muscle size. BUT this isn’t independent of LOADING that tissue over time. Trust me— we can’t just close our eyes, think of our butts and they grow. 😂⁣

⁣And essentially by doing 1837282 banded warmup shit you’re just simply engaging in a warmup & thinking of your butt. Warmups are good! + part of their role is to slowly recruit more muscle fibers as we approach our lifts. But they don’t need to be their own damn workout.⁣

All this to say— lift heavier weights (or improve range of motion/form so you can do so). Increase volume over time. Eat more. Actually LOAD your tissue! Use bands strategically not ONLY.⁣

Also— there is a 99% chance people telling you to do this 1) sell booty bands and 2) did not grow their dump truck with just bands + glute activation.⁣

A heavy ass set of squats to your full ROM will “activate” more glutes everyday than ANY banded workout. ⁣

You’ve been duped.⁣
It’s okay.⁣
But now you know!⁣

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