What is an Aerobic Base?


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An aerobic base is just a fancy way of saying having the cardio capacity.

I talk about this so often because not all but MANY of you here either

1) have no too little endurance training history

2) don’t do any cardio & only lift and either want to start or want recovery to suck less

3) have little to no running history but want to get better

4) have a fixed mindset that You are not made for cardio.

5) are obsessed with fat burning workouts but have potato’s at mitochondria

6) Only do CrossFit / OTF / F45 and die during the workouts

👏🏻 BUTTTT, here’s the thing. For all of you who fit into those categories, what you likely need is a solid time spent doing some slow + low cardio.

NO, this isn’t the only thing you need & can + should also do higher threshold/more powerful training. But this post is about an aerobic base.

This is a time period spent to helping your body develop more capillaries, better or more mitochondria & basically giving you the tools you need to be a lot better at taking up + using oxygen during exercise for metabolism.

This is important for metabolic health, recovery & speed performance eventually as you build on this.

Slower intensity cardio signals different things & uses our muscles differently than higher intensity, so we simply have a different response.

It’s also easier to accumulate volume in (increase mileage tolerance) & and recover from (bc lower intensity = less taxing, etc.).

If you found this helpful consider sharing it with your cardio-hating friends. We all know they need it 😂👏🏻💕

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