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What if Some Foods Are Special?

The foods aren’t special, you can have them any time of the year.”

…. But, can you?
And is that a bad thing?

I understand this sentiment. But I find it confusing often coming from the name industry that pushes “food is more than food and is emotional and enjoyment too”.

So, which is it — not special or special?

Likely, it’s both. And that is okay.

I get the intended sentiment. I am sure people need to hear that. To remove the power from foods that, meh- we really can get any time and probably don’t need to gorge on mac and cheese we can eat any time to the point of sickness. We can probably pass or opt for something else if we want.

We’re adults, and really could right now get up and go buy, order or make just about any food item if we *really* want it. There isn’t a rule that you can only have X on Y holiday or day.

But for some foods they ARE. They are special. They are tied to people we love or holidays or events. They are special.

I eat pierogis weekly.
But I’ll never be able to eat my grandmothers ever again.
Those were special.
I always ate past full.
I don’t regret any of that.

But when we push this narrative we also possibly remove the alternative of it — that foods are special, All the time.

The peppermint coffee I’m drinking right now as I write this is special. Yes I can get peppermint any time but it’s *more* special in December.

But there’s sprinkle of special all year too. My warm bowl of oats with creamy peanut butter. That giant fresh salad after a huge day of dehydrated travel. That ice water after a long run. The burger after a race. The latte on the slow coffee shop mornings. The ice cream I share with reigs.

And this doesn’t mean we gorge to sickness every time something is special. We don’t have to consume from a place of scarcity. Because the special is all around us. We can simply slow down, and enjoy each for whatever they are.

Enjoy the special foods you can only get one time a year.
But don’t give them too much power — because it blunts the goodness.
Just let them be sweet.

And special isn’t antagonist for healthy either. These *should* go hand in hand. That’s where the magic lies.

🤟🏻 Lyss

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