What if I Want to Get Bulky?

So… what if you DO want to get bulky? 👀 ⁣

This was a question asked to me by a client recently and I LOVED IT. There is such a taboo still ingrained in women about bulky being “bad”. Or that having muscle always means “bulk” or gross or whatever we are told.⁣

But, and I may be bias …. I think having a lot of muscle is prettttty freaking rad. And while I’m absolutely more prone to a more muscular build. I love this rig! And I love helping women develop their own muscle to support their activity.⁣

So while bulky gets a bad rep, it works just like anything else. A METRIC SHIT TON OF FOOD EFFORT AND TIME AND SMART PROGRAMING. No one, not even my genetic ass — gets “bulky” by accident.⁣

It must be intentional!⁣

But we simply must need to apply what we know about muscle building science to this.⁣

1️⃣ TRAINING— lifting intelligently with progressive strength training that increases in skill, volume and/or frequency with time. (HINT; join The Lyss Method or checkout my guide TRAIN).⁣

2️⃣ NUTRITION— we cannot build muscle from nothing. While you likely don’t need some crazy aggressive bulk, you do need food. Especially adequate protein intake! We cannot make new tissue from nothing. ⁣

3️⃣ RECOVER — having adequate rest, managing our volume in a way that is recoverable. Sleeping enough. Hydrating. Managing stress. All the basics! ⁣

These things are not instant. If you’re a beginner it may feel slow but it WILL come. Be patient. Keep training hard + smart. Learn about fueling your self appropriately. Don’t over do your workouts and step back from the random high volume junky swipe workouts for some structured lifting!⁣

& remember — no one gets bulky by accident. Don’t go into it with hesitance. If you reach a spot you’re happy with your muscularity … you can always maintain! And gains to slow as we reach our genetic potential too.⁣

So go ahead and LIFT, get in the kitchen, and get bulky my friend 👏🏻

Hey, I'm Lyss!

I’m Exercise Physiologist, sports nutritionist, weight lifter, and ultra runner. I am here to bring science to your training in a no-nonsense way. I have helped thousands of women crush big lifting goals, cross race finish lines, and even do both. I’m here to help you do the same!

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