Whether we are lifting or running— this is something I get asked a lot (especially from those doing ENDURE).⁣

In my training programs I assume 80%+ adherence. If clients miss a full week or more than 1 or so random workouts we’re happy to adjust their week. But the random missed or off workout isn’t the end of the world.⁣

The biggest thing here to stress is the ONE RANDOM MISSED WORKOUT. If we’re constantly missing workouts and having to adjust we need to ask 1) are we trying to do too much & need to adjust the plan 2) do we need to get honest with ourselves about our adherence or goals right now 3) do we need help with our program. None of those are bad. But doing less more consistently is > doing it all on paper but never actually doing it. ⁣

When it comes to your lifts there’s a few things we can do. Swap out a rest day to make it up. Move all your workouts forward. Or just start over next week. You do also have the option if you want to make up what’s most important from that session in another one (aka not doing 2 lifts in one but merging what’s most important). ⁣

Running seems to be where most people get confused especially with long runs & race training. FIRSR. I’m going to tell you right now — I love you — stop trying to last minute force in a full race training in less weeks with no wiggle room. PLAN IN at least 2 weeks of off training. Getting sick. A random niggle. Life. Your kids. Whatever. ⁣

Sometimes we can add on miles to get them in but we have to be careful there! Overall you can replace on workout with another (or don’t!). Move them all back. Skip it entirely. Or just adjust and start back next week.⁣

The biggest point of panic is our long runs. This is where a few wiggle weeks help. If you have a 15 miler but cannot possibly do more than 60 min that day. Do the 60 min! Move it to the next week. Adjust your long run progression making your next down week a training week if it makes sense for you. ⁣

If you miss a long run you will finish a race. I missed a 24 mile long run last year. & many lifts this spring. I survived.⁣

& so will you 🤘🏻

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