Types of 3 Day Lifting Splits

“What’s your 3 day lifting split”?

^^ a question I was asked endlessly when I posted about how I was only lifting 3x/week most of last year and STILL making progress.

While my 3 day split could work for you, it also might not! And there’s a lot of ways to do this.

Personally I am a big fan of 3 full body days. Or two full body days + an upper body if you do a lot of running. With a more push vs pull focus on each of the days.

My biggest recommendation is if you’re lifting less days so spread your volume across the week vs doing more classic bro style lifting splits. That way you can 1) increase frequency and 2) likely be able to do more total volume and recover from it than if you shoved it all in one day.

If you struggle with setting up your lifts and want to crush 3 lifts a week and do other things you love or it fits better with your life — my TRAIN guide helps you do this with two different 3x/week lifting splits! One that is full body across the week and one full full upper for my running friends. The TRAIN template gives you drop downs to pick exercise from movement patterns we program for you!

And if you don’t want to do it alone — join us in @thelyssmethod where my BEGIN, LITE or RACE program will help you crush your 3x/week goals!

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