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A lot of people finally decide to give strength training a try only to be frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be working in the magical way many seem to claim.

While time trumps all when it’s comes to progress there are a few things I most often see — at least within the niche of clients I work with.

💪🏻 One moving past the beginner stage of skill + comfort + confidence and feeling like they have some structure and feel good in their training routines under estimating the weight they can use OR total reps they could do at a given weight.

RPE/RIR is a skill we use in @thelyssmethod or teach in my ebook TRAIN but for many of you if you’re unsure if you should lift heavier simply take a set to true failure — and see just how far you are from the reps you were doing. Don’t be shocked if you’re doing 5-10+ more reps 😅🤍🤘🏻.

🍳 Under eating total calories OR protein even if eating “enough”. This can be tough with many people also trying to pursue fat loss or making diet changes too along side lifting. The easiest way around this regardless of your goal is to increase protein intake! This is easier said than done and I have a YouTube video that you may find helpful here. While enough food is important, the more you want specific lifting goals beyond basic neuro-muscular adaptation we need to eat in a way that support muscle growth/recovery!

🏋🏼‍♀️ While swipe videos are slowly losing their charm. The classic 8 exercise long workouts of 4×10 everything is a classic example of what many think of for a good workout. The more it hurts and burns and you sweat or get a pump = productive. But ~6-10 quality sets per major muscle groups in a single workout or ~10-15+ per week (can be more but being general here) spread out across the week is likely more beneficial. Think hitting a major muscle 2x vs 1x/week and taking those 10-15 sets spread out between multiple days vs one “leg day” that has you crawling out of the gym.

Less sets of higher loads and higher quality = gains sweet spot my friends 🤘🏻

If you’re guilty of any of these my ebook TRAIN will break down the science of lifting for you + help you set up your lifts with basic structure in a no nonsense way.

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