Trail Safety Considerations

Wanting to get out on trails this year but worry about safety?? A totally valid thing!

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Some important things to consider many overlook — we over anticipate danger of people or animals in back country and under estimate other bigger risks like dehydration, enough food, first aid needs, etc. I get really scared in the back country because I am human but know the actual risk of assault or attack (the more normal fears) are lower vs others. See last weeks post on picking a trail you’re ready and being prepared!

Outdoor spaces are a huge privilege. I encourage you to use whatever spaces you have available. Keeping in mind more public or local places your risk may be the opposite of above. This does not mean these spaces are unsafe. But the “risk” of these worries will be greater in outdoor spaces more easily accessible to cities, roadways, less remote etc. Always be aware of your surroundings.

We want to respect the outdoors. We want to be prepared. And we want to be smart + stay safe + have fun. Easing in and getting out there with more experienced people is also a great way to learn how to approach things. 🤍

Be safe. Get outdoors. And go have fun!

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