The fitness industry really rags on people who use the word “toned”. And I get it, I used to be that person too. I would be lying if the word didn’t also make my eye roll from time to time after hearing it for years. But now I view it in two ways.

1) An opportunity to meet someone where they are at, use language they understand and that we “know what they mean”. Use it as a gate way / entry point to get what is usually women using this language to get into strength training.

2) To have some tough love get honest chats if necessary. Many people (again, usually women here) who really could benefit from a year of eating more/at maintenance and crushing the weights would get more of the benefits they are seeking. Or to have them really admit what they want. I am not anti-dieting. IF you really do just want to keep “leaning out” the fat on top of no muscle, I am not here to stop you. But I can help you learn to fall in love with heavy lifting and that *often* the look you want is strong.

Tone is the only word women know to use for muscular.
It really isn’t their fault even if we hate it.

& while I would love to see it eradicated … for now I will get off my ego box and hope you all will too and simply say “hey i know what you mean! but the way we do that isn’t quite what you are thinking. But I can help!”

Toned is a gateway word.
Toned is muscle.
Toned is strong.
Toned… isn’t quite what you think it is.

& And that is okay.
We will help get you there.

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