To the “Do It All-Er”

To the do it all-er. The fitness lover. The hybrid wannabe. The multi passionate.

FIRST let me know below who’s guilty of this 😉👇🏻

I hear you.
I see you.
I am you!

But chances are you’re trying to … do too much. By doing all the things you don’t need to be doing.

A lot of things in your fitness may overlap. And everything causes fatigue. How we manage the overlap of these things + volume within our programs is key.

This usually means doing less of BOTH than if you were to do ALL of one. The more fitness you gain the more you can do of both.

We have to ask ourselves how much time we really have to train. What we can fit into that. Where things can be moved or removed or overlap. Where are we wasting our time?

We need to ask how we’re setting up or weeks and if it makes the most sense for our training.

And we need to look at our approach as “seasons” for specific goals. The goal though is NOT to stop doing the other stuff but maintain it. It takes less to maintain than it does to GAIN. This works in our favor.

If you’re looking for help on this we would love to help you.

I wrote HYBRID with you in mind. So you can learn how to “do it all” in a no nonsense way.

& if you need a little more help — join us in @thelyssmethod where we do all the thinking for you 💪🏻

Hey, I'm Lyss!

I’m Exercise Physiologist, sports nutritionist, weight lifter, and ultra runner. I am here to bring science to your training in a no-nonsense way. I have helped thousands of women crush big lifting goals, cross race finish lines, and even do both. I’m here to help you do the same!

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