Tips + Considerations for At-Home Workouts

WORKING OUT AT HOME!? Or just starting to workout and super confused by what to do?⁣

Here’s 5 tips and 5 considerations for at home training.⁣

The harsh reality is out home workouts are going to be DIFFERENT than gym workouts. They are not the same. Different DOESN’T mean bad it’s just different.⁣

This means we’re going to have to be realistic about the equipment we do have AND skill level we’re starting at.⁣

The reality is both that we are going to 1) be limited by the weights we have at home — weights less than your child or purse can only do so much 2) if we’re beginners anything is a stimulus and it’s okay to start with the basics and body weight 3) we can do a lot with a little but it’s not going to be sexy.⁣

Since muscular tension (stress put on the muscle) and volume (total weight moved) are going to be our biggest drivers of muscle gain we can use some of these approaches here to maximize this from our house.⁣

The unfortunate thing is that absolute strength will be limited the most without heavier weights.⁣

But if we’re training from home this is still no excuse to not work on other areas of fitness. We can improve our conditioning, explosiveness, body weight skills or mobility in areas we often neglect.⁣

Here are some considerations:

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