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HAVE IT ALL in one place: LIFT, RUN, CARDIO.


Welcome to the lyss method

Let me guess, you have a strong desire to get fit and build muscle, with lofty aspirations for your gym sessions.


But, you also want to incorporate cardio into your routine. You’re tired of programs that force you to choose between fitness inside the gym and outside of it, that impact your life as a whole.


Well, look no further! You’re in the right place to achieve all of your fitness goals without having to make sacrifices.


Our signature hybrid-program system that let’s YOU pick your lifting and/or running, cardio or hiking goals based on your goals, the time you have each week, your fitness, and your experience level.


One-sized fit’s all hybrid training programs forget one important part: the way everyones combines lifting and cardio wont look the same. 


The Lyss Method, is a training program that lets you decide what ‘HYBRID’ means to you. With lifting, running, hiking and cardio programs all in one place. Allowing you to Hybrid train on YOUR terms.


Lifting programs: No more guessing what to do in the gym. Let the TLM team take you step by step through every lift each week programed with your progress and goals in mind.

  • Change the program you are subscribed to at any time.
  • Access to any run plan, hiking plan or on-demand cardio library at no additional charge.
All programs below are for a 1 month membership ($89/1 months). Ready to jump right in? Sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months here & messages us in the app which program you want to do!

need some help?

not sure what program is right for you?



  • All programs include warmups, de-load weeks, zone or RPE, or relevant speed work, and pre-race tapering.
  • You can change the program you are subscribed to at any time.
  • All programs follow a progressive build up in miles or intensity with time.
  • All programs are sold in 4 month membership intervals to give you time to train for your running program goal (~12 weeks) plus wiggle room for life happening, repeated weeks, or missed runs along the way! 




included with all memberships

TLM Group Community

Client only educational resource library

1:1 Messaging access

Access to add any running or hiking plan

also included with lifting program memberships

Lifting video Feedback

A brand new lifting plan every 4-5 weeks.

Demo videos, written instructions, and ability to swap exercises.  

Access to our non-running weekly cardio library workouts.


Please apply for student disscounts here. 

Our student rate is $70/month. Once you apply our team will email you to set up payment and get you in our app system!

  • The Lyss Method is a group coaching based program. Find 1:1 coaching information here. 
  • The Lyss Method is a templated, adjustable, self-progressed program. It is made so you can adjust for yourself as needed but it is not personalized or 1:1 coaching. You have messaging access to Lyss and the group within the app for all questions or program adjustments. 

Yes we offer video feedback directly in the TLM app with coach Dani.

Yep! Once you are in the program you can switch between any of the programs. So if you aren’t sure which one to sign up for or sign up for the wrong one you can always switch once you are IN it!

  • You can start in BEGIN still. We have BEGIN programmed for 100% beginners but you can skip to month 2 or 3 once you are in it if you want to skip past some of the very basic base building into more of the dumbbell to barbell transition phase. Afterwards you can go into PERFORM, BUILD OR METCON.
    • If you have some lifting experience but still have a lot of progress to make that is okay! You can go right into blocks 3-6 of BEGIN then move into one of our other programs to ease in still!

You can leave at any time! No minimum monthly commitment. Once you are in you are in, once you leave your portal is deactivated and you are free to go! You can be in for 1 month or forever!

  • They do not. There will be some in the later months (6+) of hang cleans and small barbell complexes, but not any specific olympic lifting programming. 
    • You will do dumbbell snatches and cleans and a lot of barbell pressing in the program though!

You sure can! Every program is now compatible to be at home friendly and/or you can now swap barbell or cable movements directly in the app for dumbbells, kettlebells or bands.

Sure can! I recommend doing TLM METCON and swapping out our metcons for your Functional fitness classes OR doing PERFORM alongside these group fitness classes. 

All people are welcome and able to do any of my training programs or use any of my ebooks. Fitness looks very similar within these populations and I train everyone with the same method and approach :)!

Yep! TLM is designed to be done from *almost* anywhere! If you are training at home but have the necessary equipment listed under each program you can do it at home. Many clients do TLM from home with basic equipment and crush it :)!

You may just have to swap things, which you can always do in the app. We directly program in suggested swaps for all movements. 

Yep! TLM is designed to be done from *almost* anywhere! If you are training at any gym but have the necessary equipment listed under each program you can do it at any gym and swap a barbell for a smith machine if needed. Many clients do TLM from planet fitness or similar gyms and crush it :)! You may just have to swap things, which you can always do in the app.

With my programs being resistance training based you will go through various cycles that are aimed to get you stronger. These will be paired with accessory work to target more isolated muscle groups. Overall, when paired with a sufficient diet (adequate protein and calories) will result in muscle gain along with your strength gains over time!

Lifting & gaining muscle is one of the best and most efficient approaches to improving body composition. However, this goal will need to be paired with appropriate nutrition. TLM is a strength & lifting program that can help support this goal, along with adequate and proper nutritional needs that pair your goal!

The Lyss Method program METCON and the on demand cardio library does utilize metabolic style conditioning similar to the exercise modality similar to crossfit. Alison and Lyss are both crossfit level 1 and 2 trainers. TLM does not program any advanced level barbell or gymnastics moves at first, and options for scaling or swapping exercise are always available.

TLM workouts are app based. You only have access to these workouts while you are subscribed to the app. TLM workouts are not a PDF or excel document.If you are looking for a one time purchase program, please see my TRAIN guide + template provided within this!

The Lyss Method Assistant Coaches


Alison is a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, a CrossFit Level 1 coach, and enjoys participating in multiple facets of fitness. She has an M.S. in exercise science and nutrition and is a current Ph.D. student in the same discipline.


Alison began her personal and professional interest in fitness by joining CrossFit. She quickly realized she loved learning and teaching fitness concepts and principles. This passion led her to obtain her CFL1 and B.S. in human performance and fitness, with an emphasis on strength and conditioning.


As part of her studies, Alison teaches social determinants of health at the college level. She has used this opportunity to coach with an empathetic understanding of varying circumstances and improve the health and fitness space.


When Alison isn’t studying or coaching, she enjoys connecting with friends and family, cooking and eating good food, and spending time in the sunshine (bonus points for all 3 at once). 

CrossFit Level 1

B.S. Human Performance and Fitness

Certified Exercise Physiologist

M.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition


Danielle, or Dani, is a Colorado native who now resides in the midwest. Being from Colorado, the outdoors and being active have always been a large part of her life, which played a significant role in her decision to pursue a career in fitness and health. 


Dani is an American College of Sports Medicine Certifed Exercise Physiologist. During her undergraduate coursework, Dani developed her clinical exercise physiology skills while working with cancer survivors. In her Master’s program, she expanded her knowledge working with youth athletes, professional athletes, and tactical/military athletes at EXOS Sports Performace. Dani currently works as a clinical research coordinator, overseeing research aiming to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise in adolescence and young adult cancer survivors. Additionally, she works as a co-coach of Lyss Method Fitness and coaches virtually. 


Just as Lyss does, Dani shares a passion for endurance and lifting. Dani enjoys powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running, and cycling. She begrudgingly swims as it is required when she decides she wants to compete in triathlons.  She loves spending time with her pups and will never turn down a good bagel.

– M.S. Exercise Physiology 

– B.S. Sports and Exercise Science 



– EXOS Sports Performance Specialist

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