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The ‘Evidence Based’ Fitness Industry…

Caption down below…

Are we helping or just yelling back into our echo chamber?

Are we helping or are we just chasing engagement?

Are we debunking or explaining and actually helping people with what to do?

In a world of consumers who we know want everything instantly, in quick digestible bits, and easy answers I don’t think providing SIMPLE content is bad. But I often thing this turns into making statements to people who already know and supports for high engagement.

Debunking is entertaining and people love it. But are we doing it for entertain the people who already knew something was BS to begin with … or using it to teach the person who didn’t know why.

Listen I get it & I’m just as at fault. I grew my page in 2019 with these tweet style screen shot highly sharable tweets and debunking. People eat it up. It will grow your page. But at some point I found 1) people who already knew this info just wanted you to be a fun debunking machine and 2) the people who actually needed the help were left asking “okay but then what should I do”.

I didn’t want to spend all my time and energy anymore fighting with people who were committed to not actually changing their mind and instead wanted to actually help people with the things that confused them.

That content may get less re-shares and industry clout … but I can assure you that doesn’t equal the bottom line business $ at the end of the day. My business does very well from being helpful first. Yours can too.

This isn’t to say I never debunk things and you shouldn’t either or use miss understanding as learning points. Speaking in language others get is tremendously helpful.

But don’t forget to take it one step further and actually tell them what and how to do instead of the thing you’re saying is “dumb/wrong/pointless”.

We have to make sure we’re not circling back to the same gym bro personal training who says “just trust me and do this”. Or speaking past the people we’re trying to help.

We can’t lose sight of who we’re here to help. Oversimplified non directional content gets re-shares. Is your arguing worth your time & energy?

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