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Being Busy and Getting in Your Workouts

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We’ve been chatting this week in my stories 📖 all about lifting, why we struggle to get it in, and/or making fitness happen in our busy lives.

Listen: we’re all busy.

Yes, some more than other

And fitness can be a massive privilege for those who’s biggest obstacle is just managing their time vs truly not having it.

I digress. While scheduling your workouts, working them IN your life vs as a chore to do on top of & moving in ways you enjoy are how we get in the gym — what about once we are there?

I mean these workouts just take so Dang long why even do it ….

I got strong/fit in 45-60 min lifts for years. And my best tip for simply fitting it in when you DO have/make the time is this:

Get in.
Get warm.
Get on the bar.

We love to go into the gym and take our time and chat and do over elaborate warmups or wait for our “motivation” to pick up. (I’m as guilty here as all of us 🤍).

But when my time is limited and I simply got SH!T 👏🏻TO 👏🏻DO 👏🏻.

I get in.
Get warm.
Get on the bar.

You can be at your top sets of your first lift within 15 min of walking into the door. You can have your compounds done in 30-40 min. You can move to your accessory lifts. And you can get out.

Remove the clutter.
Marie Kondo your workouts.

I’m not saying don’t take the time to warm up specific things — I do. But I don’t do that for everything. I do what needs done and get on the bar!

Get in.
Get warm.
Get on the bar.

You’ve got this.

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