The Basics of Bone and Muscle Health

⁣One of my most highly requested topics recently so let’s dive in! 👇🏻⁣

As someone who does research on cis-women I have had the ability to give lots of ladies DEXA scans (scroll back for my posts on way to measure body comp). Which often means I see otherwise perfectly healthy young cis-women on the outside have scary low z-scores, a measure of bone mineral density. Or, really low amounts of muscle tissue.⁣

⁣This is one of the reasons I wake up each day to die on this hill of getting more people to lift heavy, fuel better and improving overall metabolic health.⁣

We see this push, specifically to women to engage in things that are actually counter productive to what we want to be doing for long term resilience 🤟🏻⁣

Instead of focusing on — being as small as possible, eating the least possible and only doing body weight circuits. We should be spending our energy finding the most realistic ways for us to move something heavy, eat enough to support muscle growth, and complimenting it with cross training for metabolic health.⁣

We care about this because starting at about 30 we slowly start to lose muscle. While bone appears to be pretty steady during this time, when those who go through menopause experience a crash in estrogen/sex hormones — muscle, bone and metabolic health can rapidly decline.⁣

⁣But, that’s not to worry because we can improve these metrics at ANY age with the same simple basic rules we apply — lifting at least 2x/week. Eating enough. Focusing on gaining strength over time. ⁣

This isn’t to say we should stop doing the other things we love. Those are NOT BAD FOR US. They just aren’t the same as lifting. That’s okay! Runners who lift have been shown to have greater bone density than those who don’t. ⁣

We can still do what we love and get stronger/more resilient. We can do this at any age. There is no pre-requisite to starting.⁣

It could look something like this: 

Fitness is beautiful in that Ia used for good (not abused) it quite literally makes us less breakable & more resilient. How bad ass is that!! 🤟🏻♥️⁣

& my estrogen dominant organ sac friends I beg of you. Please, please start lifting now 🙏🏻

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