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Alyssa! I deadlifted 100lbs x 10! I started with the 20lb easy curl bar in February and the idea of lifting 100lbs seemed IMPOSSIBLE. Not only did I do it, I got there without ever being so sore I dreaded sitting on the toilet and without hurting myself. 💪🏼 Thank you!! Your program has legit changed my life and my relationship to fitness. Forever.

– Linda A.

I started following you earlier last year and loved seeing do such awesome trail runs, summitting mountains and doing freaking cool stuff! And I was like “I want to do that….but I hate running..” (despite being a collegiate soccer and lacrosse player I never enjoyed running- but loved being outside!)

So I bought endure and signed up for a 50k in my hometown, Virginia. I’ve been training since September in western, PA- come rain, snow, sleet or frozen snot in your nose weather 😂


Last week I completed my first 50k-34.8mi!! I literally felt so strong- I couldn’t stop smiling! My parents met me at every aid station and were concerned about the mileage but they said every time they saw me I looked fresh as a daisy, strong, and smiling!! And said I finished the race looking like I hadn’t even ran (idk how😂). But I just wanted to say thank you! Because through your ebook I was able to train well and feel so FREAKIN strong during my race-something I thought I’d never do or enjoy.

Also, I’ve gotten like 3 of my graduate classmates into trail running, as well as one of my professors. our goal is to get them to do a 1/2 marathon trail race by the end of the semester! It’s seriously a bug hahah I’m hooked on trail running now


I just wanted to share my story with you and say Thank you!!!

– Sarah 


Hey Lyss!!! In the spirit of the season I just wanted to say that I’m super thankful for you and your program! This is the longest I’ve consistently stuck with one program and still felt good about it! Your program is literally so different and better than anything else I’ve ever tried! I definitely feel stronger, but the biggest change has been my mentality. I used to beat myself up because I didn’t see any progress from a 30-day ab challenge (lol wtf) or quit a HIIT program because the first week was so intense, I couldn’t walk or just bounced around from one cardio machine to another. I have learned soooooo much from you and your guide, and I understand the importance of consistency and gradual increase. I also just feel more confident in the gym. I could go on and on…. I’m just so happy with your program! I can’t wait to continue with LITE and PRO! 😊❤️ THANK YOU

Also on your IG post about Thanksgiving…. Two years ago, I did straight cardio and like only ate veggies (probs 800cal, little to no carbs or fat) the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Last year I said screw it and just ate pie non-stop all week. This year I got my workouts done earlier in the week before traveling, ate pretty healthy/maintained, now planning to be lazy tomorrow and eat all the food, and will just go a couple walks to move some throughout the weekend. This mentality change is such a huge win for me. Like honestly for the first time ever I don’t feel like I have to “earn” or “make up for” those extra thanksgiving cals. I can’t thank you enough for playing such a huge role in my health!!!!…Sorry for the novels just so thankful for you!!!

– Bethany F.

Also huge thank you for this program!! I seriously have loved it so much!! I feel so strong and confident (and have pretty much since week one!). You’re so good at cheering people on from where they’re at and I really appreciate that!

I haven’t always loved my body, but I can truly say that now I really do love the way I look and what my body can do!! I love that I feel strong and comfortable in my own skin AND that I have a better relationship with food!! (After accidentally undereating for so long and still sometimes missing 1900 kcals, I love that I’m so fine with eating the dang cookie!) I don’t know what weight I entered when I started but on a really good day I was probably 127 and on a normal day about 130. I never wanted it to be about the scale (and it never really was, thankfully) because I just wanted to feel strong. However, it does feel damn good that I’ve lost 10 during this program!! And I didn’t even try!!

Thanks for being such a huge encouragement to me!! I seriously 100% loved every part of this program (even those dang burpee/thruster complex things lol)!! You’re amazing!! 

– LLM Client

Just wanted to add to the pile of good reviews:
I’m a marathon runner who would run 50 miles a week, “strength train” at the gym 5-6 days a week, and try and stick as close to 1200 calories a day. At first, the results were great, but I quickly plateaued in strength, and eventually ended up gaining weight.
When gyms closed in March, Lyss popped up on my Instagram with her at home workout videos empowering women instead of making them feel inferior. On top of that, this was the first person I found preaching a hybrid approach. I even struggled with a marathon nutritionist back in the spring– no one understood someone trying to run AND lift and I felt lost. After a few months of following, and seeing it IS POSSIBLE, I bought the Nutrition Guide, Train, and the At Home Workout Guide to educate myself and kick my ass in gear.
After 2 openings of LLM, I was able to snag a spot. I started with At Home and switched to regular LITE when I was able to get enough equipment. I used to go to the gym at least 5 days a week to focus on different muscle groups each day, and I couldn’t get my weights up. Now I get 3 quality workouts that 1. are much easier to fit into my running schedule 2. give me the time I need to recover and progress and 3. I don’t have to make time to figure out what the hell to do that day or week.
I’m so happy to finally have someone able to educate me (on my own time) on my hybrid goals. I’m pumped for the return of racing seasons. 🙂

– Kaitlin M

I’m on week 4 of the 3x/week intermediate 10k program, and I just ran for 7km straight without stopping to walk. And it felt easy! I could have gone for much longer. I turn 36 in a few days and my endurance feels the best it ever has!

I’ve been running for 10 years (15 10k races and 4 halfs) and I’ve never been able to run longer than 15 min without stopping to walk.

I’ve also never trained in the summer because I thought my body “couldn’t” run in the heat. Every race I have done has been in early May so I could do most of my training in the winter in the freezing cold ice and snow. And I had quit running completely for the past 2 years because it wasn’t getting easier and I hated every minute of it.

I am so excited to see how amazing I will be in the fall/winter this year if running in the heat is this enjoyable. I had said I would never run longer than 10K for the rest of my life but I’m definitely going to do the half plan next. And who knows, maybe a full marathon is in my future!

Everyone who thinks they aren’t a runner needs to try Endure – especially if they have been running and failing at it for a long time!

Thanks for all that you do! It’s amazing to see what my body can do when following a well laid out plan and actually eating enough food for a full grown adult woman.

– Steph S.


The Lyss Method

Lift heavier, run further, train smarter, and learn more. Crush your goals with The Lyss Method, a multi-level style of training designed to help you reach your goals!


A 16 week bodyweight to barbell beginner program. No prior lifting experience is needed. Begin is designed for those who want to build confidence under a barbell.


Barbell experience needed. Perfect to pair with running, climbing, yoga, etc. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve your overall fitness.


Barbell experience needed. Gain strength, develop muscle, and improve overall fitness. Pro includes more volume than LITE for those with more serious strength goals.


An 18 week lifting program that parallels any race training plan. Adjusts volume along with your race peak and taper.


Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about running, is included in the app! Endure includes the science application of running, sports nutrition, and racing

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