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Do you do them?⁣

For the most part there isn’t anything magical or special about super sets. Largely they are a way to save your self time within your workouts.⁣

Think of it this way: you have 1 hour to workout. You are doing lunges & shoulder press for your accessories.⁣

You can do:⁣

Lunges: ⁣
• 1x8e — rest 90-120 seconds⁣
• 1x8e — rest 90-120 seconds⁣
• 1x8e — rest 90-120 seconds⁣

Shoulder press:⁣
• 1×10— rest 90-120 seconds⁣
• 1×10— rest 90-120 seconds⁣
• 1×10— rest 90-120 seconds⁣

Accumulating 9-12 min of rest time.⁣

But instead — you could super set it. (Or tri set, 3 exercises) as a way to do 2-3 exercises back to back letting another muscle group “rest” as the other is doing work or eliciting an overall increased intensity.⁣

• Lunges 1x8e ⁣
• Shoulder Press 1×10⁣
>> short rest ~30-60 sec⁣

• Lunges 1x8e ⁣
• Shoulder Press 1×10⁣
>> short rest ~30-60 sec⁣

• Lunges 1x8e ⁣
• Shoulder Press 1×10⁣
>> short rest ~30-60 sec⁣

You are doing the same work with 1-6 min of rest.⁣

If this is meaningful for you and your training this may be worth doing! ⁣

But you also DONT HAVE to do it. Single set work with 1-5 min rest is also appropriate in many cases, goals & lifts.⁣

I digress — we can do a few different types of super sets.⁣
1️⃣ UPPER <> LOWER aka a lower body then upper body move (think: DB lunges <> DB row)⁣
2️⃣ ANTERIOR <> POSTERIOR aka a front of the body movement & back of the body (THINK: DB chest press <> DB row)⁣
3️⃣ Same muscle back to back (THINK: your classic fitspo hip thrusts <> RDL)⁣

For the ~most part~ you will see supersets done with different muscle groups so you can maximize that effort in one then the other.⁣

Don’t over think it! If you have a hard accessory lift that takes a lot of recovery — then take that & separate it! But if you are short on time or want to intentionally increase intensity then pairing things together can help!⁣

These are also largely going to be used for your accessory lifts and not your main compounds, those likely need adequate rest between!⁣

Do you use super sets? I don’t think I’d finish my workouts in less than 2 hours if I didn’t’

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