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This is a catch-all list of running, lifting, personal, clothing, or other items I am asked about often.


My amazon storefront

  • On here you will find links to running, lifting, nutrition, books, etc that I recommend or personally use. (NOTE: I do make a very small commission off any amazon links)


Unlike many ‘influencers’ I do not buy thing often enough to be able to link everything or specific styles. I try to buy staple items and re-wear them often. So I do not have a like it to know it or similar. However, you can find a lot of styles similar to how I dress from these brands.

  • Everyday clothing: American Eagle, Aerie, Roolee, Bohem, Loft, Madewell, Target, The reset, H&M, outdoor brands (prana, toad & co, outdoor voices, Patagonia etc).
  • Professional / nicer casual work wear: Madewell, the reset, jcrew, Bananna Republic
  • Places I buy most of my jewelry: Target, Amercian Eagle, madwell.

  • My glasses are from target, they are coach.

      • ‘#5440 Blk amber gltr vasity strip’
        • They are prescription

    • “Jeans & shorts for short girls with big legs”: Madwell, Abercrombie, Jcrew, Loft.

      • Just get pants in SHORT and your actual size & they will fit your butt 😉
        • This may mean size up sorry!!! Wear a belt too! (I get belts at target, American Eagle or Madwell)

    ATHLETIC CLOTHING ITEMS (running specific but I also wear to lift): 

    • Most of of my running and lifting items are paragon; I share their upcoming launches in my stories on Instagram regularly. Code LITTLELYSS saves you (*I receive a small commission off paragon purchases).

    Vuori Items:

    I am a medium in everything. Their stuff is expensive. I would never normally spend this $ on stuff, but honestly—it’s so damn soft it’s worth it.

    Things I have/like:

    • Performance Jogger
    • Halo Essential Hoodie
    • Halo Performance Hoodie
    • Daydream crew
    • Energy Top

    Oisille (running clothing brand):

    (I’m a 6-8)

    • Pocket Jogger Shorts (mid-length)
    • Power pocket shorts (mid-length)
    • Roga shorts (mac & regular length)
    • Lux & flow Long Sleeve shirts
    • Lux Side Zip

    Lululemon: (*NOTE, I make a small commission off these links)





    • Prana
    • Fabletics
    • Buffs from Buff or from races
    • American Eagle
    • Vuori

    Hair Ties


    Trail Packs & Gear

    This will depend on your personal needs, distance use for the pack & what you will be brining. I recommend 8-12 L for most running packs. I have packs 8-20L based on the objective of the day, race, or long run distance :)!

    • Ultimate Direction
    • Black diamond
    • Many people like Solomon 


    • Suuno 9 peak baro
    • Many people like garmin or coros as well 
    Fitness tracker:
    • I use a whoop




    • Shady Ray’s Sun Glasses
    • Suncloud Sun Glasses
    • Goodr


    • Arteryx
    • Patagonia
    • North face
    • Brooks
    • Cotopaxi


    • These are not specific brands, I have random ones I’ve purchased while traveling but a few from REI.


    I am asked this so often I made an amazon page with ‘suggestions’ based on fabric — not personal trial/use.

    • Seamless will be best under leggings or spandex.
    • Don’t buy bright colors if you want them to not show through thinner fabrics.
    • There is no ‘best’ underwear but athletic our outdoor brands will be more friendly to sweat and activity.
    • JUST NOT COTTON! (google why if you don’t know)




    • Jaybird vista’s
    • Apple airpods 
    • Shokz head phones


    Belt & Grips:

    • I use a 2pood XS and short belt
    • Alec smith grips (I’ve only tried these)
    • Some random lifting straps from Amazon (shop my amazon storefront)




    Below is a list of non-amazon sold gear I use (Patagonia or REI brand) OR if not listed here is linked in my amazon storefront under ‘outdoors’ or running which includes my favorite artyrx jackets and other items beyond what is listed below!

    Non amazon linked outdoors gear items:

    • Patagonia women’s quilted crew
    • Patagonia Nano Puffy
    • Patagonia Cotton Quilt Pull over
    • Patagonai nano puff insulated
    • Patagonia fanny pack 
    • Rab womens zip up (hooded) 
    • Tent I use (REI)
    • Hiking pants: I do not hike in pants ever, but I do like the pants from outdoors voices I wear for a casual pant (RekTrek Pant or Zypher pant)
    • Backpacking: I have an old gregory 36L pack (no link).
    • Day hiking: I usually just use my trail pack, but I also have a 16L osprey pack (no link) & 20 & 30L ultimate direction fast pack
    • Sleeping bag: I have an old mammut 30 degree mummy bag & this bag linked here from REI

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