Stop Waiting Till You “Lose Weight” to Gain Muscle. 

Are you waiting to start strength training or gain muscle!?

There are a few old school trains of thought we often see still trickle in our approach to either fat loss or simply positive behavior changes that might result in fat loss (neither is right/wrong. Simply giving context.) & you absolutely don’t have to lose weight or go on any diet at all ever to start focusing on muscle & strength.

First — we often have this idea that our exercise training should look different if we want to lose fat. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter what your goal is — you should be lifting. Now. All of us. & not that high rep low weight toning stuff!

While everyone yells “gaining muscle & losing fat together is impossible,” that statement likely applies to already fairly lean and trained individuals NOT newer to fitness individuals. If you “have fat to lose,” you can honestly probably gain a good bit of muscle as you do so!

Our goal if we lose weight is to lose it from FAT, and not BG crash dieting slashing calories, and also sloshing off our muscle with it. We want to hold onto as much muscle as we can — always. If we diet, as we age, If we have a more sedentary period of time. We do this by continuing to lift. People who lift during deficits maintain more muscle than those who don’t, which means yes, more true FAT loss but MORE MUSCLE.

Muscle is incredibly important for our health. Both metabolically & our resilience as we age. Far too many women have poor bone + muscle density. All people, as we age, have massive risks for muscle loss. Fat gets all the attention, but muscle tissue health & quantity matter!

While it may not make you a superhuman metabolism at rest (another flawed thought), it does make you a metabolic machine during, after & between workouts. It helps regulate your fat oxidation and carb metabolism.

Muscle. Is. Important.

& most of all — muscle & strength training is for everyone👏🏻💕

AND lastly, with all the love in the world for many of you, I urge you to ask yourself if you genuinely need another diet or if you really just need strength training.

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