Stop Substituting Your Protein Shake With Collagen

Collagen is made up of proteins but it is not a protein supplement.

& while YES it will contribute to your daily total protein intake — when it comes to supplementing with protein either to help support muscle protein synthesis pre/post workout or across the day what we want is a SOLID whey, casein, pea or soy/pea/plant blends that get us to a higher amino acid content. Specifically leucine. We typical want at least ~2.5 g of this.

This specific amino acid plays an important role in helping stimulate the pathways that signal muscle protein metabolism in our muscles!

Collagen on the other hand has small amounts of amino acids compared to protein sources. It also does not have all 9 amino acids. If you’re going to take collagen using it AS a “protein supplement” is not the best use of it.

The evidence for collagen otherwise is low to moderate depending on what you’re looking at. It’s fine to take it for any other reason if you want to. It’s not likely harmful. Some report lower joint pain. Early research is looking at how it contributes to muscle recovery. I don’t really care if you want to use collagen. But it will NOT makeup for what inadequate daily protein does.

Collagen has protein but is NOT a protein supplement.

If you’re looking for a solid protein supplement I recommend @legion. I loved their whey but since having to switch to plant have been consuming their vanilla almost daily. They are dosed based on what you need + well sourced + 3rd party tested! My code is DOCLYSS always and saves you 20% off your first order or double bonus points on all future orders.

If you found this helpful share with someone who needs to hear this ✈️🙌🏻

EDIT: this was a remake of an older post so I did not Remember to update the 20g to 100g but the same point still holds true. The 100g whey info is from Gorissen et Al 2018

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