Stop Resisting Simple

KISS 💋 — KEEP IT SIMPLE…. Smarty 🤓

Got ya didn’t I?

However there is a little truth to the old saying keep it simple “stupid”. Although, I think keeping things simple is actually us being smarter + more efficient.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. I KNOW you know more about what you need to do for a good bit of your health, fitness & nutrition woes. Aside from the minor details that a pro can help you workout (hello, I got you!) — so much of it comes down to you likely over complicating it!

But, let’s not blame ourselves for that. So much of what is marketed to us is over complicated fluff so we feel too confused to ask questions but trust enough to say “sounds fair enough” and do it anyway.

So let’s pause, slow down — write in the comments below ONE simple thing you can do to make this whole functioning fit healthy adult thing EASIER.

How can we reduce our mental burden? How can we make it enjoyable? How can we actually do + achieve the same thing but …. For less effort?

Less effort ≠ lazy it is EFFICIENT 👏🏻

Maybe this looks like simplifying your meal prep, finally singing up for that plan that tells you what to do or reducing the number of things we’re doing down to the most necessary.

The people who are consistent with this whole thing are reducing the noise. You should too!

So tell me, how are you resisting simple? What mind blocks do you have? How can you help your self with that? Let’s practice our problem solving! 👏🏻👏🏻

Hey, I'm Lyss!

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