Someone Out There is More Fit Than You

In October of 2019 I walked into my CrossFit box for the “starter” WOD 2 weeks after finishing my first 50 mile ultra.⁣

I died. It was the “worlds easiest body weight workout”. I died. Truly. I was incredibly embarrassed. ⁣

I had ran 50 fucking miles in under 12 hours. But I was embarrassed. ⁣

Because the reality of fitness is 1) we are always more fit and less fit than someone else 2) our fitness is specific to the task at hand 3) for the beginner years of our fitness “journeys” no matter how much we try to hack it — we just lack fitness. Period.⁣

I wasn’t unfit. I just lacked the muscular endurance to sustain CrossFit level efforts for 12 min instead of 12 hours.⁣

I could have beat my self up and left or felt embarrassed. Instead I started training during open gym with people who were way fitter than me. It took me longer. I still did the work.⁣

I then started Olympic weight lifting because I knew that would help. It was a skill I terribly lacked. It took me damn near 15 months to learn how to get my ass under a snatch. Despite years of incredibly power lifting specific strength. I didn’t snatch my body weight for over a year. ⁣

It took me 5 tries to run 20 miles for the first time. ⁣

When I walked on my college lacrosse team I was the worst one. Hands down. Period. But I was incredibly fit. More than most. But guess what? It didn’t matter. I didn’t have the right FITNESS for the task at hand so I didn’t play.⁣

I could keep going on. My point is in all of these situations I could have chose to compare my self to them. Or quit because I sucked. ⁣

Instead I chose to lean in and slowly do the work the areas I lacked fitness in. I could have compared my self. Made excuses. Deemed my self incapable.⁣

But it’s never been that serious.⁣
Because I’ll never actually be the best at fitness.⁣

I am good at fitness. Yes. It’s my job. And hobby. ⁣

But my running friends are faster & lifting only friends stronger. I don’t compare. I am inspired. ⁣

Comparison doesn’t contribute to fitness.⁣

& Comparison won’t do the work. ⁣

So put your blinders up + head down. Because absolutely NO one “fit” just work up that way. ⁣

& you won’t either 🤟🏻❤️

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