SO You Want To Be A Coach / get into fitness?

I get asked about this a lot & since I’m not a coach who helps coach have just collapsed all the most basic info you need here. Everything beyond this — google! Do your research! Look into it! ⁣

First — you don’t need a PhD to do “what I do”. I am training to be at the level of someone who may write the books/papers/whatever you take. To teach the classes for the B.S. degree you may seek. My PhD doesn’t naturally make me good at industry fitness. It just means I have a lot of niche knowledge + skills.⁣

This doesn’t mean you cannot get into fitness without any degrees. You can start with a certification or a B.S.! At the end of the day — these are just the START anyways. You don’t get these pieces of paper & become the pro’s/experts.

So on that note — dont over think what you do. Instead ask your self WHAT certification or degree makes the most sense for what I WANT to do. And also importantly — be qualified to do!⁣

If you want to be hired as a legit strength & conditioning coach you’re going to likely need a CSCS. If you want to work in a normal gym your ACE/NASM are likely fine. If you want to work in a crossfit box you’ll need a CFL1+. You get the point.⁣

If you want to work with nutrition you probably want more than just knowing how to calculate a macro or what a carb is. I’m not as familiar with WAG. Pn1 has had some wonky reports of coaches gone rife with misinformation. I hear the best rapport about Mac nutrition. Becoming an RD will legally allow you to do the most.⁣

As a whole I find the certification vs degree thing comes down to showing you’re invested into learning + continuously becoming better for your clients. Invest in something. Then keep learning.⁣

The science of fitness is always growing. We can’t get too stuck or cling to one thing too much. Be willing to learn + apply + grow.

& at the end of the day you can study all you want but it may teach you nothing about working WITH humans. Coaching isn’t just giving a plan & it magically works. You do not learn this from a class or cert! Hands on & in person experience is INVALUABLE especially before jumping into online training

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